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Lab. Name
Main Equipments
Support Courses or Research
Computer Classroom
Complex Building
Hardware: personal computer 50 sets.
Software: Windows XP, Office2003, Fluent, LabVIEW, MATLAB, AutoCAD, ADAMS, SolidWorks, 3D Drawing, Dynamic simulation,
Accident reconstruction and database system, Simulation and Analysis system of Advanced Mechanism Dynamics
Introduction to Computer Programming  
Computer Programming and Lab.
Computer Network Lab.
Computer Aided Drawing
Teach and research of Accident reconstruction
Teach and research of Noise and vibration
Automotive workshop
Complex Building B05
Automotive Fluke 98 Oscillscope 6 sets,
Coolant recycle and filling machine TFB-500,
Sound volume meter,
Crest machine of car 3 sets
Injection engine 3 sets,
7 cars,
Automotive Electronics and Injection Engine system,
Computer tester OBDII,
Small Single Cylinder Engine tester,
Body Repairing Platform,
Computer Four-wheel Alignment system,
Tire Balance Corrector 
Automobile Experiment –gasoline engines and electrical system
Automobile Experiment - Auto Body electrical system
Automobile Experiment - Auto Body Chassis
Automobile Experiment –Diesel engines, Noise Special Projects
Motorcycle engine Lab
Complex Building B10
Micro-computer engine Dynamometer
Burning Analyzer,
Fuel consumption meter
Automobile Experiment -Engine Power measurement,
Internal Combustion Engine
Exhaust Measure Lab
Complex Building B10
Smoke tester with Automatic paper scrolling,
Exhuast Analyser,
NOx meter, Smoke meter
Automobile Experiment - Measurement and
Prevention study of Exhuast
Diesel engine Lab
Complex Building B10
Air-Flow meter 
Teach and research of Diesel engines
Noise and vibration Lab
Complex Building B10
Semi No-echo room,
Acoustic person,
Vibration meter system
Teach and Research of Noise and Vibrationoise and vibration
Vehicles Manufacture automation Lab
Complex Building B08
Simulation System of Automatic Tire Assembly
Teach and research of Vehicles Manufacture automation
Special Projects room
Complex Building B08
Cutting machine,
Electric Welding machine
Special Projects