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Research Fields
˙Electronic Control

(a) Active Safety Control: Anti-Roll-Over System, Anti-Brake System, Cruis Control, … etc.
(b) Engine Management: Fuel Injection Control, Ignition Control, Idle Control, … etc.
(c) Driving System of Electric Vehicle: Electronic Variable Speed, Electronic Brake.
(d) Intelligent Vehicle Dynamics and Control
(e) Intelligent Vehicle Performance Diagnosis and Compensation
(f) Motorcycle EMS Control Strategy
(g) Control System of Hybrid Electric Motorcycle
(h) Driving Simulator
(i) Suspension Control


(a) Vehicle Accident Identification
(b) Noise and Vibration Diagnosis and Prevention
(c) Noise and Vibration Measurement
(d) Active Control of Noise and Vibration
(e) Active Control of Noise and Vibration by Using DSP
(f) Dynamics Analysis of Automobile, Motorcycle and Track Vehicle
(g) Vehicle Structure and Safety: Structure Safety Design and Analysis, Detecting, and Prevention

˙Thermal and Fluid

(a) Engine Model Development
(b) Advanced Combustion (e.g. GDI, HCCI) for Internal Combustion Engine
(c) Fuel Economy Improvement and Emission Reduction for Automobile and Motorcycle
(e) Electronic Fuel Injection Engine Development
(f) Application of CFD (Computer Fluid Dynamics)
(g) Bio-mass Fuel